Who I Am

“How did he get into photography?” I hear you asking yourself, well I think that’s vital for you to know, this is about getting to know me, who I am and how I can be there for you on your special day; here’s a summary of that story – My girlfriend, now wife were going on our first holiday together and our flight was delayed. While waiting around in duty free I saw a display model of a camera I’d been doing some research into and after spending some time thinking about it I purchased it the Canon EOS 400D.

Super excited to start using it, I was told by the sales advisor that the battery was dead. So rather than attempting to try and charge it in the airport, I got the manual out the box and put the rest in my bag, over the duration of the flight I learnt about the camera, it’s features and this gave me the fundamental understanding of what makes a great photo, also technical knowledge on how key things work together to create the photos you see on my website or social media platforms.

I'm a Storyteller..

Telling stories is my passion, to create thought provoking images or pieces of art is something I take incredible pride in; My story begins in my early teenage years and with graphics design, creating captivating posters, logos, and presenting my creativity through a variety or other forms. I’ve been taking photos for the last 10 years covering a variety of genres from wildlife and landscapes to portraits and weddings.

My style is documentary and unobtrusive – I capture all those special moments as they occur naturally through the day, I believe this is the essence to freezing real emotion, real feelings and creating timeless memories.

A Husband...

I’ve been married for almost 6 years. She’s my inspiration and my strength; she keeps me grounded and focused in life. She’s the mother of our gorgeous boy and sometimes my partner in crime. We’ve been together for 13 years and simply put, I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s my world, my rock, my soulmate and my biggest inspiration.

And A Superhero Dad

Our baby boy Rohan is just over 1 years old, and he has changed our lives incredibly; There is no feeling in the world that beats coming home after a day of work and see him get excited as you walk through the door, if you’re a parent you’ll know what I’m talking about.

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